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July 01, 2005


Dave Bob

I think you're being a bit critical of the fine folks in the parking lot. I recall someone - let's just call her Erin - flipping out two years ago and acting like the very same people she's now criticizing. You're hilarious. Even with the parking lot insanity that occurred afterwards I still enjoyed myself. Plus there are now more cute pictures of me on the internet.


No toilet paper? EWWWWWWWW! Michele sent me.

Old Horsetail Snake

Thanks, Erin, for the visit.

(Is it okay here to say that you are really pretty? Yes, I can say that; I'm 74.)

Jean-Luc Picard

That sounds a great event, Erin. Thanks for describing it. Michele sent me here.


Stopping by to say hello...

Oh, I love firework displays and anything called The Big Bang must be wonderful.

Have you perfected the oooh's and aaaahhh's? They are required announcements for all firework displays.

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