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July 22, 2005



If you want to get into Journalism, you'll definitely have to work weekends - at least when you start off. News doesn't take a break on weekends. I should know. I've been on weekends for a while w/ my current job in news. Good luck!


I know, I know...

Actually, I don't want to get into Journalism per se. Definitely don't want to write hard news - I'm looking to get into PR or Marketing. Or maybe features. Or editorials. Just not hard news.

You're right - that stuff doesn't take a break on weekends. But I sure hope I'll be able to!


congrats on USA Today

Black Domina

If this article is true, your blog is a scam. Why aren't you honest with your readers and tell them you get compensated by the city to promote it? The whole thing seems like a lie.


Hello, Michele sent me!


That seems a bit dramatic, Black Domina.

Obviously if I have stories being written about the blog - stories that I'M being interviewed for! - that tell about the compensation, I'm not hiding a thing! And besides, it's not like I'm pulling in a paycheck or anything. Would you like me to make a public service announcement in a future post?

No lies here, my friend!

Black Domina

Personally, if I was doing what you are doing, I would have a clear disclaimer or link to something which told readers what is going on. I would also make sure that as few readers as possible left my blog not knowing that the city had a part in what I was writing about.

After reading that article, I read your blog and it is really one big advertisement for Milwaukee. You are being funded by the city to make them look good. Even if you believe in your cause, you are being paid to advertise and that should be made known.

And you are 'pulling in a paycheck' if what the article says is true...

"free access to many of the outdoor diversions she'll be describing in her twice-weekly musings"

I don't get free passes from my city for places that other people pay for. I have to pay for them on my own. Again, if what the article says is true, you getting free access to things the is same as if they were sending you money every so often.

You are obviously a reasonable person and I appreciate your reasonable response. I am sorry if my tone was harsh before but I get really angry when I see people getting tricked and not being told all the facts.

I hope you will consider making it better known on your site what is going on behind the scenes.


Found your article on USAtoday, interesting and glad I read it. I lived in Milwaukee for 2 years and couldn't hold back the laughs at what WI calls "outdoor life." A Rocky Mountain transplant, I need altitude. "Mountain Bike" in WI is an oxymoron.

I will concede: Milwaukee is a beautiful city, especially the lake front. But if you are getting paid--and who the hell cares if you are?--you need to ask for a trip out west to get a different view on out-door life! Nice pics and enjoy the summer there; an old Milwaukee man told me best: "in Milwaukee we have 9 months of winter and 3 months of bad sledding!"




Oh my must have committed journalism blasphemy or something ! If you are writing what people want to deserve to be compensated....just like musicians,artists, and other writers. For someone to suggest dishonesty or disclaimer needed is just plain rude.

Black Domina


You will find a definition of the word journalist at this link...

This is the part that stands out to me...

"Reporters find the sources for their work; the reports can be either spoken or written; they are generally expected to report in the most objective and unbiased way to serve the public good."

'unbiased' is what stands out the most to me.

This blog is like me having a blog that was funded by General Motors to write nice things about their cars. They'd give me the cars to drive for free and even pay for my gas once and a while. I'd write a nice little blog about the cars which was mostly positive toward their product. In this case, am I a journalist? I don't think so.

In the case of, the city has a product to sell which is the city itself. The fact that the writer of this blog is being funded by the product stakeholder, means she is in advertising and not journalism.


Black Domina,

When Johnson & Johnson had a little trouble and it was reported in the news, every news outlet (MSNBC, CNN) reported the news about them execept for one news outlet, FOX. That is b/c FOX is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and wouldn't dare say anything bad about a company that is paying FOX millions and millions of dollars to advertise w/ them. So is that journalism, or advertising?


BD - I don't know why you're taking such offense to Erin's blog. She said, in the comment before you started accusing the site of fraud, that she doesn't want to be a Journalist so citing the definition of the word 'journalist' makes no sense. I don't think she's "doing" anything but writing about the events in Milwaukee that she goes to. Who cares if she gets some free passes and a camera? She still has to actually go to the events and write about them. She never claims to be doing this all by herself. Easy on judging people, jeez.


propaganda. you claim to be a 'journalist' but you just sell the city line.
nice try, but you'll only dupe your friends



Careful what you ask for. GM has a blog that is made to highlight their newest innovations and cars.

A blog is a blog. It's not CNN or NBC or whatever. For all I care, Erin can write about her new apartment. If the posts continue to be entertaining, I'll return. If you don't find them entertaining, you know what to do.


Take it for what it is...Regardless of being a journalist or getting free passes to go to events, it is about time Milwaukee showcase what is available within our city. I dont think Erin is "sugar-coating" events to sell the city. I think she is doing these things and genuinely enjoys her experiences. It's refreshing to find someone who is so upbeat, well-written and excited about our city. I love the blog and look forward to reading more!


Just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed Erin's posts. I just moved up here with my family and being that we're all very "outdorsy", have enjoyed hearing what is going on in the city. I have never seen a city with more going on in the summer than Milwaukee. I have even enjoyed reading about some of the events that I missed this year- some I'll definitely try to make next year and others I'll know to skip. I wouldn't care if the city was paying Erin. It's a smart marketing strategy on their part. My kids and I thank you for filling us in on so many fun events going on to keep us busy! (Like the "snow day" one else I asked even knew anything about that and the kids loved it!) I'm not sure how I'll handle the cold winters up here, but I'll bet there are even some fun events going on in the snow then too to take our minds off of the temps until the mercury creeps back up and the festivals begin again. Keep up the good work Erin. We'll be reading!


Ha! Way to stir up some controversy Erin. That's my girl =)


I think it is interesting that on her Milwaukee Links section there is no link to, who have "sponsored her" Camera, Computer and passes.


I don't. Everything Erin has listed will give you ideas of what is going on in the city, which seems to be her intention for the entire blog. Who cares if she got a camera, computer and passes to events? Those don't pay the bills and I am sure don't compensate for the amount of time she devotes.

I think the blog is great. I have learned about so many activities that are available in the city of which I may have never known about. And I think it is awesome that we finally have something that is positively showcasing our city to people who have never visited.

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