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July 25, 2005



I am a long time friend of Erin's and I will back her up. If there were anything she didn't like we would hear about it in detail!!!! Don't worry Erin loves to state her opinion and nobody will ever change that!!!


Well said! You know I like it and I hope you keep it up!


whether you have been compensated or not doesn't matter to me, that doesn't take away from the excellent showcasing of the great City of Milwaukee that your blog provides. Regardless of your opinion on the activities you partake in, the photos speak for themselves. Thanks for doing this and I look forward to reading future posts.


Why not show everyone what milwaukee has to offer. Some people actualy like where they live and want to talk about it. Keep it up Erin!


I dont know Erin from Adam, but I have been reading her blog since I read about it on I love the blog. I love that I can find out what new and exciting activities there are to do in Milwaukee.
Looking forward to your next adventure Erin!


:( Too many skeptics in the world, I guess... I have been enjoying this blog since the first post. I appreciate both the variety of activities chosen, and the depth with which Erin describes her experiences. I'm addicted!


Well said Erin! I can't possibly understand why some people are having such issues with a compensated blog. They feel misled? Maybe if they went out themselves and participated in these outdoor activities they'd find that you're not sugar coating anything, or being force fed ideas. They'd find the true beauty in Milwaukee, the adventure that lies in this city, and maybe even possibly develop a little bit of the same positivity that you shower on to us with every post. (although I can vouch that should she not like'll know)

I LOVE the blog Erin. Obviously! You've inspired me to get out and do something different in Milwaukee as well. Your mission is accomplished with at least one reader =)


You go girl. This is still America and if you are getting some help dollars-wise putting up this blog - you should continue to accept it and not feel one bit of guilt.

If some folks are offended by that, I've got a real simple solution - - go find another blog to read, kinda like changing the channel if you don't like what comes on the radio or the television.

I enjoy the read. Best of luck.


I have not read the negative feedback, yet wanted to express my POSITIVE and OPTIMISTIC thoughts about this blog. ITs a fantastic idea. I am very active in outdoor activities and sports and milwaukee needs something like this. People are always going to complain, and most of them are just reacting to something that is going unfullfilled in their own lives. Erin, when are you going to cover some of the mountain bike trails? Sorry if you covered it already....


Erin - My husband and I are from Milwaukee and still have family there, but are now living in Jacksonville, FL. I am a business traveler, and was delighted to learn about your blog in USA Today. You write well and bring back a lot of happy memories of living in a truly fun and fantastic city....keep it up! Let people know that despite the weather (and we all have to admit the weather can be suboptimal) Milwaukee is a terrific place to live or visit.


Well, I don't think that I have to add much else here as it seems most others have stated my sentiment for me - I love the blog and love the controversy. And Erin will always, ALWAYS speak her mind, pay or no pay. No need to worry there, people! :)

So, Erin, I'll just take this opportunity to again say that I'm really proud of what you're doing and so excited for you and the blog - it's really becoming quite something. Wonderful job, and keep it up.


Oh yeah, and one more thing to the skeptics: instead of sitting inside on a computer, complaining about someone's blog, get off your bum and go outside! Go running! Go swimming! Go hiking! Whatever, just go! Maybe if you'd get outside and enjoy some fresh air, you'd be a little happier. Just a thought...


As far as I'm concerned, whether the blog is a paid advertisement or not is insignificant. I mean, even if it isn't, Erin is way cheerier than me and will probably like way more stuff than I will.

I stop by every so often when I'm looking for something to do. It's a one-stop shop for finding something to do in this town that doesn't involve liver disease or a losing sports team. I have enough of that in my life, and I'm glad Erin and VISIT Milwaukee are willing to find something more insteresting to do.

To everyone who doesn't agree, piss off. Maybe you should find better things to do than whine about something so trivial. God forbid the tourism office wants people to go outside and have fun. Oh, the horror.


Oh, the horror! hahahahahahahahaha

Andre, your comment made me laugh! Thank you!

The Grumpy Hacker


"...a person who could write well and with whom readers could identify with..."? ;-) You're too cute--I'm sure it was intentional and you should leave it!

I enjoyed your blog before the criticism, and I still enjoy it now. I hope we bump into each other around town sometime. (Which may be easier now that you actually live in Milwaukee, eh?)




"I'm sure it was intentional and you should leave it!"

Huh? There's really nothing wrong with that sentence.

I mean, the worst offense is the use of 'whom', which has all but fallen out of popular usage, but it's still pretty much personal choice at this point.

Ending with a preposition? "This is something with which I simply will not put!" English usage has long since moved on from that rediculous rule.

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