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July 15, 2005



Hey, I stormed the Bastille and blogged about it too! Wasn't the starting line crazy?


Hey, that girl on the balcony never flashed anyone – she was FAKING it! What a tease! I agree that the crowd looked GOOD last night. It might have something to do with all of the in-shape runners in tight shorts and sports bras though. If you go again this weekend I think you'll see a better representation of the Milwaukee body and fashion scene. Milwaukee is a party town though – I couldn't believe how packed that place was at 11:00 on a week night. Don’t you people work?


We work hard, but we play hard too!
Great story Erin! I have never been to Bastille Days, mostly because I didnt realize it was such a big deal. Maybe you'll see me there this weekend!


Hey Sonya,

I read your recap of the race on your blog. 19:40 - good job! I was dyin and it took me 27 minutes! Some of the guys were pretty stinky, and when we ran past one area where spectators were handing out BEER, the stench was so bad I thought I might throw up. And yeah, it was hard having no idea how far you had run. I sure was glad to get past that finish line!

Nick Abbott

This blog is great, It nice to see another person discover and enjoy this city like I do. Youve got to take atrip to la perla! And I can show you Cage and Walkers Pint!


hahah thanks Nick Abbott for thinking about the "non-straight" community as well =)


Even if no one else laughed, Erin, I enjoyed your silly story about the tickets. It's fun to get so excited about something little. It really reminded me of some of the things we've experienced together! Free bags of goodies at Radio City Music Hall come to mind... :)

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