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July 23, 2005



Hi Erin,
I spent time at the lakefront today and worked at the Downer race last night. It's great having such high profile events here in Milwaukee!

Also, I saw you referenced (along with a pic!) in the USA Today's website. Congratulations!

Kim Wilson

It is very nice to talk about our milwaukee but when you only do it for $$$$$ what is the point. Usatoday quotes "ut while Leffelman's doesn't mention it, the 23-year-old waitress and aspiring journalist is getting a little help from Milwaukee's tourism office: a year's worth of high-speed Internet access, $1,700 in computer and camera equipment and free access to many of the outdoor diversions she'll be describing in her twice-weekly musings"

Pay me to promote my city

another fake sentiment about a BS town and people that were paid to promote a dump ionto something nice...


I can't believe the DRAMATIC sentiments in these comments! It's fine, though - they always give me a good laugh.

Kim - "when you only do it for the money what is the point?"

I don't get one dime of actual money, people. My computer and camera are nice and all, but surely not enough of a motivator to put so much effort into something! And they sure don't pay the rent, either!

And to the other guy, promote a "dump"? Really? Milwaukee is a dump? You're insane.


Wow, sorry I brought up the USA Today article, Erin. I enjoy reading your blog and I don't care what you got out of it.

Apparently Kim has trouble reading because it says you only received equipment, not money, to do the blog.

As far as the other person goes, maybe he should worry about his/her own blog, a very mediocre travel blog jsut like the hundreds that already exist. Way to go!


The trail run was awesome! As someone used to running on mostly flat surfaces, going off road was a real challenge. It was new and different and I can't wait for the event to come back next year. As for the Milwaukee "dump" comment, I would hazzard to guess that that "narrow minded" person has never been to Milwaukee. I moved here 17 years ago from another awesome Midwest city - Minneapolis. The quality of life here is right on par with the Twin Cities. If this was such a "dump," we wouldn't be attracting such high profile events here as the Nissan Xterra triathlon, the US Bank (PGA) Open - both held this weekend. Oh did I mention we also had a Danica Patrick here for a racing event!!


Wow, everyone needs to chill out. I find it intersting that people feel so strongly that Erin is promoting Milwaukee on someone else's dime. Jealous maybe that she actually is getting some financial assistance to keep her blog afloat, unlike some of you other bloggers? Maybe this is the future of blogs...get used to it. So she gets reimbursed for the things she does...big deal! she still has to put in the hours without getting paid. Unlike Erin, I think most everyone gets reimbursed for the job they do. Its called a pay check and i doubt anyone would work without getting one. Congrats on the USA Today article, Erin!


I agree with klg. Who cares if she is getting paid, which it doesnt even sound like she is. A computer and camera dont pay the bills. Regardless, I love that there is finally a place I can go to see what is going on in the city. And not only find out about it, read about someones experiences doing it. Erin, your blog has certainly encouraged me to get out and do some activites I didnt even know were available in Milwaukee. I love it!


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