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July 19, 2005



All these years and you're still in love with Brett Favre. Glad that you got to see him in person again and that you had a good time. One of these days I have to come join you at one of these adventures!!


I heard that they had record breaking attendance at this years event, which doesnt surprise me if you pictures do it any justice. I still cant believe you were able to get such great shots of Brett Favre! (And to be honest, who doesn't love the guy?)
Loved this post! Made me laugh!


Oh I had no idea who Brett Favre was but he has lovely arms!! Great post - Hello from Michele :o)


City of Milwaukee is lucky to have blogger like Leffelman at hand. Good example.

Valderbar the Cat

Out in the sun chasing balls in the name of charity? What better way could there be to spend time! :-)

Hi Michele sent me.


Hi, Michele sent me. This a great post, love the photos.

Patrick Montag

You have this great bike race happening in and around your city, and there is no posting about it!?!

Read up at:


Thank you, Patrick!

Actually, I did know about it and was going to post, but only once I knew if I'd be able to attend the race on Downer on Saturday. Turns out I have to work, but I'll still be posting about it for others, and I'll hopefully be able to check out the festivities before or after work!

I appreciate the link. I need people to alert me to events when they can - I do my best to stay up on things but my best sure isn't enough sometimes!

Have a good weekend!


Hi, Erin! I saw your comment at Michele's regarding yoga and had to stop by. Great photos of Brett and the charity golf shoot-out! My husband and eldest son got to see Tiger Woods play in Seattle last year.

You are an outdoor girl...I'll read on down...

Rafael Jr

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thats for sure, dude

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