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July 18, 2005


Always up for anything

Um...I'LL GO! I love golf! I suppose Brett Favre is okay too =) And no pictures?! What's THAT about. That's what camera phones are for girl. I got you covered ;)


Alright, we're goin!

The site also says no cell phones. And no bags "larger than a small fanny pack." haha Don't forget your fanny pack tomorrow! I'll find SOME way to get a camera in. (ooh, hopefully no one from the tournament reads this before tomorrow, recognizes me, and then strip searches me upon entrance!)

See you tomorrow, Brett! ;)


Me again.

Alright, so I understand that the reason no cell phones or cameras are allowed is because they make noise and golf tournaments are some serious business. I don't want to sound like a big jerk for scoffing at the rules. I won't bring my cell phone, and I promise I won't use my camera until the golfing is DONE.

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