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June 21, 2005


Anonymous Coward

It's called Wakeboarding. You can read more about it here:


Well, thank you, anonymous coward! I think I shall have to look into this more.

Rad Dude

Actually, wakeboarding is done behind a boat. I think the guys on the lake are doing what is referred to as"kitesurfing." I'm not sure where you can find out more about it, but I've seen more and more people doing it on the lakefront over the last couple years.


Rad dude, huh?

I think I'll just have to go up and ask one of them about it when I'm down there some day.


Were you able to find out what this was all about? I would be interested in reading someones experiences in doing this before I actually try it for myself.


KITE SURFING: 414-277-9094

I got this number a while ago in an article about Kite Surfing in the Milwaukee Journal. Don't know if it's still good.

Nice work on the blog. It's great.


Thanks for your help Kevin! I am sure it would be something great to do, especially in this heat! I love watching all these people out on the lake all the time and cant wait to get out there and experience it for myself.
Erin, you think you will be doing this sometime soon?


I'm definitely going to look into it!

And yeah, thanks for that number, Kevin!

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