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June 14, 2005



It's beautiful! That picture of you and Dave is sweet. You guys should use that for your "wedding announcements" in the paper ;)


Hey Erin,

This is your future mother-in-law... The ring is beautiful, but not as gorgeous as you. Dave did good!


Jon Hunter

To Erin and Dave, Our sincere congratulations! Wishing you great happiness. First time we have every been informed of an engagement in the family via the internet.
We will put October 6, 2006 on our calendar. Did you know that Dave's cousin, Melissa, is planning a wedding on the 21sto of October, 2006! What a month for our family.

Again, best wishes to you, and our love
Grandma and Grandpa Hunter


Hi Erin! Sure, you got the big, beautiful ring, but Dave clearly got the best prize of this whole deal. Good luck!


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