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May 19, 2005



First comment...yay for best friends! =)

I couldn't think of a better person to do what you're doing girl.

She's a blast of a good time Milwaukee!! You found yourself a keeper.


congrats on both graduation and this new "project." you write well, and i for one, have always enjoyed it, so you can bet i'll be a regular around here. maybe i'll even get katie to write something productive. =)

my only suggestion, cause sometimes i'm anal, is that when you include links in the blog, see if you can set it up to open in a seperate window. that way, if one chooses to view it, they can just click on the link and it will load without the person having to come back and finish reading.

enjoy the travels!


Erin is my first born child and also my best friend. Of course I'm a little biased, but she's got it all going on. This blog will be great. Hopefully I'll even get a chance to join her on one of her adventures this summer. Check in regularly, you won't be disappointed!

Robb Manning


Hey from your former editorial editor! It was a pleasure having you write for me for 2 years at the UWM Post. This looks like a great gig you have going now -- it looks like a lot of fun. And I know you'll do a great job, because you're an excellent writer.

Have fun and see you around!

Jenn Montana

Great blog, Erin! Congratulations on graduating and on jump-starting your blog.


Great job! I'm so excited to read all about Milwaukee via your blog. It will give me great ideas for fun when I come visit the area. Good luck with it and I'm looking forward to reading more!

To others reading these comments:
As one of Erin's oldest friends (we met in first grade!), I can say with great certainty that you'll not be disappointed! She's a great person with enthusiasm and an amazing thirst for adventure - and not a bad friend either. :) Enjoy!


Way to go girl! Congratulations on your degree and your new adventure with the blog. You've got the talent and enthusiasm to make it an exciting and fun article to read. There's no doubt your readers will love it.


Erin...You've outdone yourself!! I'm very happy for you, and this blog is not only way cool for people to get experienced in the outdoor life of Milwaukee, but it's perfect for you!!


I think that this is a super neat idea. Good luck with adventures to come.

Paul L.

I have quietly observed Erin for most of her life writing, ... always writing about something. On our infamous "family vacation"s, she always kept herself busy, and out of her brothers' hair, by writing about her vacation adventures, as she was sitting in the back of the van. From that point on, through her articles for the Burlington High School newspaper, and her very fluid editorial column for the UWM Post, and now her blog, she continues to get even better in her writings. She has always had a genuine love for writing and it shows. I also know her as a very genuine person, writing from the heart, which makes it all the better. Best of Luck in your writing adventures. We are proud of you. Love, Dad


Hi, Erin:

I moved to Milwaukee two years ago and I'm in love with it too. Thanks for showcasing it.

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